Topic: Bioware's Dragon Age Delayed ~6 months

inpheaux wrote:

Bioware's modern yet still somehow Infinity Engine-esque game Dragon Age will apparently not be meeting its March release date. In an announcement made about an hour ago, Bioware's community coordinator had this to say:

We wanted to give the community a heads-up on a recent decision to move the launch of Dragon Age: Origins for the PC to the last half of 2009. That’s a change from the previously announced date of March 2009.

Why is this happening? Both EA and BioWare are really excited about the potential of the game on both PC and consoles and we want to ensure we deliver a blockbuster, AAA BioWare-quality title - as the game is shaping up so well already. An incredible amount of time and effort has gone into Dragon Age: Origins and this extra time will ensure we deliver the quality kind of launch you have come to expect from our games.

At BioWare, our fans and community have always been top priority, so we wanted to you to hear this news from us first.

So it's the standard deal. "blah blah. need more time. blah. making best game possible. blah blah. CORPORATE OVERLORDS."

Oh well, it might happen! Who knows!?