Topic: Still Not Dead: World of Goo & Dead Space Reviewed

inpheaux wrote:'s been awhile, but we've got excuses. We're good at excuses.

What are our excuses? Have you SEEN the games that are out right now? Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2, Dead Space, Chrono Trigger, Mother 3, Left 4 Dead, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Dragon Quest IV. I'm sure I'm missing some. Or lots. Still, that's a ton of Good Gaming.

And personally, I've been busy with this whole "graduating from college" thing, which required a bit more focus than I'm used to.

Anyway, we're back, and we've got two reviews that have been sitting here for awhile, just waiting for Mr Editor to get off his ass and . . you know . . edit them.

World of Goo (PC) - Highly Recommended

The art and design of the game immediately made me wonder if Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam, or even Tim Schafer had had a hand in it at some point. The heavy shadows and industrial set decoration at some points evoke a vaguely disturbing feeling of elementary school paranoia, but tempered with cartoony foregrounds and the boundless enthusiasm of the blobs themselves as they move about and exclaim things when they attach to structures.

Dead Space (360/PS3/PC) - Highly Recommended

Glen Schofield and his team at EA Redwood Shores deserve the best kind of acclaim for what they have done here. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, or, alternatively, cranking out a feeble clone of a popular game, they have instead created an original IP that takes everything good from all the best examples of the horror game archetype and forges them together in a cohesive, fun, and brilliantly polished whole.

Now that the backlog of material is cleared, we promise to get back to regularly writing about the wonderful ridiculous world of the gaming industry.

Re: Still Not Dead: World of Goo & Dead Space Reviewed

Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2,

I picked up these three a few days ago, as well as Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Fallout 3 is the only one I've spent very much time on and I'm really loving it. I was worried that the stop-motion auto-aim feature would make things too easy, but it's actually surprisingly satisfying.

And Dead Space I picked up back in October, but I still haven't gotten around to beating it yet. It is quite breathtaking though.

Re: Still Not Dead: World of Goo & Dead Space Reviewed

I grabbed Dead Space day of release, and played about 1/3 into it before I kind of lost interest. I'm definitely going to finish it, but I've been having too much of a blast with littlebigplanet, GH World Tour and Resistance 2. Four games at once is kind of hard when you don't even get to play every day. And I'm still trying to find that copy of Valkyria Chronicles hmm

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