Topic: Phoenix Wright spinoff announced: Gyakuten Not Saiban

inpheaux wrote: latest game in the Gyakuten Saiban / Phoenix Wright series has been announced. After the first DS-from-the-ground-up excursion with Apollo Justice, Capcom is back (like clockwork!) with yet another one. This time you'll get to take on the other side of Magic Super Future Law, since you'll be playing as Miles Edgeworth.

We don't know when it'll be out, or even if it'll be coming stateside, but we do know that you'll be playing as Edgeworth with Dick Gumshoe as your sidekick. Also from the screenshots in this week's Famitsu we can discern that there'll be an even further expanded investigation portion, where you'll be actually walking around crimescenes looking for clues.

We don't yet know if you'll be required to completely botch the case so the charming underdog defense attorney can completely own you in court, but hey, Edgeworth can't suck that much, can he?

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