Topic: Deus Ex 3 formally announced. Why, Eidos, why?

inpheaux wrote:

Earlier in the year - much earlier - Eidos announced plans to open a new big fancy studio in Montreal. Ok, fine, all kinds of developers have studios in Montreal, most notably EA and Ubisoft, but today they actually opened up.

Oh and they announced that their first game would be another multi-platform Deus Ex.

With no Warren Spector, or any of the original dev team.

The studio's general manager had this to say:

"This game was very highly rated at its release in 2000, and we have this great huge mandate to do the third one, and everybody is very excited,"

Why yes, Eidos has already tried to cash-in on the name and FAILED MISERABLY. And that time they actually had Spector and what was left of Ion Storm on board.

Oh well, we'll see if they manage to flub this one again in a year or so. Please prove me wrong, Eidos Montreal. Please please please please please.

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