Topic: End of the Universe Imminent: Sonic joins the Smash Bros lineup

inpheaux wrote: if there wasn't enough going on today. The Orange Box, Radiohead's online release of In Rainbows, a new Wii firmware (USB Keyboards!) and now this.

Yes, the endlessly recurring rumor of "OMG IF YOU DO [insane/impossible thing] IN [a Smash Bros game] IT TOTALLY UNLOCKS SONIC!!1!1!1" is now real. No movelist yet, just an announcement and some screenshots. There's also a video at that link to introduce him, and there's another one over here, but it doesn't actually involve Sonic at all, it's just a video that was shown at the same event where this was announced.

Based on how they've done updates in the past, we might see a movelist update tomorrow or Friday, or we might get something even bigger, or we might get an incredibly important update about something irrelevant like the home-run bat.

Update: Looks like there's more news and it doesn't look good. We might have a delay on our hands. At the event Nintendo held in Japan yesterday / today (depending on your timezone), they announced a month-and-a-half delay for Japan. The game is now slated to launch over there on 24 JAN 2008. Over on the US site the release date (expected to be 3 DEC 2008, if Reggie's E3 keynote is to be believed) and the MSRP are still listed as TBD. I hope they get the release date stuff cleared up, and I really hope they don't wait for next week's E for All to drop a bomb like that.

Re: End of the Universe Imminent: Sonic joins the Smash Bros lineup

i don't really see this as too big of a deal, i'm already done mourning the death of sega (in retrospect probably shouldn't have gotten ryo hazuki  tattooed on my ass), and sonic isn't really any sort of icon anymore. sure he had some great games in the 16 bit days but he's done plenty to earn our contempt since then. he's kind of the michael jackson of video games.