Topic: Stargate: SG1 - The Alliance Canned? Again? if this is starting to sound repetitive, but it looks like Stargate: SG1 - The Alliance may be down for the count this time.

In a post to their forums yesterday, one of the admins of the semi-official fansite announced that he had word from inside Perception [the game's developers] stating that after years of development and major publisher issues last summer, the game had seriously been cancelled, for real this time. No reason was given, and he's been rather tight-lipped on protecting his sources, but he has mentioned several times that it was confirmed by multiple people from inside Perception.

This seems somewhat fishy to me. Maybe I'm just gun-shy since the last major news we had about The Alliance was the abrupt reversal from "totally cancelled" to "no seriously it's not cancelled honest". Maybe it's just the justaposition of this news with a recent interview that's currently being announced at the top of Perception's homepage. I'm not entriely sure, but I think it's a combination of these.

I'm only somewhat wary of the news, though, it's still probably true. The game has been on very shaky ground since the shenanigains that erupted last year. It seemed like things might have been turning around, since they did a semi-public test-day last month, but other than that we've heard very little over the past year. In my experience, when you hear very little about a game that's supposed to be released within a few months, things generally aren't going so well.

Of course, this news just had to conveniently break on a Friday afternoon, so the earliest we could possibly expect confirmation would be Monday morning. As such, we sorta expect confirmation from Perception, MGM or both on at least some time next week. When a confirmation or denial comes in, we'll update accordingly.

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I cannot vouch for the validity of this, but the following is a supposed quote from a now ex-Perception developer, stolen from another forum:

As many of you know, for the last year and a half I've been on the development team at Perception in Sydney, working on the title "Stargate SG-1: The Alliance". Many of you also know the legal trouble and the falling out we had with ex-publisher JoWood back in August last year. Since then we have been trying to secure a new publisher for the game.

For the last couple of months, we have had several good offers from interested publishers. They only needed one thing - MGM's approval. Since MGM are the owners of the Stargate license, everything needs to be approved by them, even new publisher contracts. So, when we approached MGM about these contracts...MGM basically sat on their hands and did nothing. They didn't flat out say no, but they didn't say yes either. They expressed concerns with areas of the game. We addressed those concerns. Still no publisher approval. We showed them other offers from publishers, and that said publishers were asking for more information on the license. Did MGM provide it? No, even though contractually they were supposed to.

In the end it was pretty obvious MGM wanted the project canned for some reason that eludes everyone except them, but they didn't want to be the ones to do it. So, they just sat on their hands and did nothing for several months, to the point where Perception could not afford to keep working on the game knowing that they didn't have MGM's approval, and will probably never get it. Developers need publishers to fund the creation of a game. Without the publisher, the developer gets no income. Without MGM's approval, Perception couldn't sign a publisher. So the equation is pretty simple. There's only so long a developer can hold on financially without publisher backing.

As of about Friday the 20th of January 2006, at about 1pm Sydney time, the title "Stargate SG-1: The Alliance" was terminated for all SKU's. This also means the entire development team was "let go". I am now out of a job. After putting blood, sweat and tears into this thing for the last year and a half, and pulling some ridiculous hours on more occasions I can count, it's all for nothing.

My experience in game development is now three titles, two of which were never released, and one that was but I wasn't credited for because I left the company before they finished it. Go me!

We expect MGM to make an official press release about this sometime next week. If they won't then Perception will probably issue one...

Thanks a lot MGM, you bunch of complete prats. Go screw yourselves.

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if true, that really blows.